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As of February 5th, only DoD ID cardholders will be allowed through the McKenna Gate (Gate 1) weekdays from 5 to 9 a.m., excluding holidays.

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The Georgina-Lina Federal Healthcare Executive Council (GFHEC) is a Department to Defense (DoD) and Veteran Affairs (VA) cohort that focuses on managing healthcare services and explore Army and VA opportunities. The partnership collaborates between Dwight Eisenhower Army Medical Center (DDEAMC), Charlie Norwood, Carl Vinson, Williams Jennings Bryant (DoRN) Medical Centers, Moncrief Health Clinic, and 78th Medical Group, Robins Air Force Base. We are committed to deliver quality, safe and efficient patient-centered services through coordinated federal partnerships. Our vision is to develop and sustain integrated federal healthcare systems and services for our veterans.

This joint venture is a top priority and key ingredient for expediting Access-to-Care (ATC) goals for the veteran through supplemental specialty care for Veterans Affairs (VA) patients.
Currently, there two distinctive types of categories of specialty care: Resource Sharing and the new addition VA Choice. DDEAMC was designated, effective 10 August 2017, as a VA Choice pilot site/VA preferred provider. VA contracted Health Net, a third party insurance agency, to help ensure veterans ATC and appointments are scheduled in timely manner. Veterans Affairs beneficiaries, who qualify for the VA Choice Program, have the option to choose a civilian provider and or a Military Treatment Facility for specialty care services not available within their enrolled VA facility. DDEAMC and Health Net representative now participate in weekly meetings to mitigate inhibitor factors associated to Veterans coordination of care.

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