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Visitor Guidelines

COVID-19 Hospital Visitation Policy (Update 3 - 2 August 2021)

COVID Restrictions Information
1. Due to the risk posed by COVID-19, effective 23 October 2020 and until further notice, visitation to DDEAMC will be restricted to the following:

a. No family/guest allowed in any of the COVID-19 Units.

b. One (1) family member/guest allowed per patient for the Non-COVID inpatient care areas from the hours of 1000-1600.

c. One (1) family member/guest is permitted to accompany a patient to an appointment in the outpatient care areas. If a patient waiting area reaches max capacity with social distancing due to visitors, visitation will be curtailed to accommodate actual patients. For extreme cases, when more than one (1) allowed family member/guest is requesting to enter the clinic, an exception may be granted by the Department Chief as delegated by the Deputy Commander for Clinical Services.

d. One (1) family member/guest allowed for patients seeking emergency care or undergoing a medical or operative procedure.

e. In extreme circumstances such as end-of-life cases, exceptions may be granted by the Senior Nursing Supervisor (Bed Manager) as delegated by the Deputy Commander for Nursing.

f. For the extreme cases, when more than one (1) allowed family member/guests requesting to enter the hospital, the screener at the door will contact the Senior Nursing Supervisor. The Senior Nursing Supervisor will ensure the visitor has the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and will escort the allowed visitors to the appropriate location.

2. Authorized guests must wear appropriate PPE when visiting patients.
End COVID Restrictions information

The staff at the Eisenhower Army Medical Center understands that family members play a vital role in the healing and recovery process. We respect your concerns and will provide you and your loved ones with as much information as possible regarding your condition and treatment.

All new patients are required to first register at the Patient Registration Office located on the second floor near the Pharmacy Lobby.

What to Expect

The registration clerk will:

  • Register each new patient into our healthcare application called CHCS.
  • Document any allergies the patient may have
  • Enter Patient's requested Primary Care Manager
  • Book patient's initial appointment with PCM
  • Collect patient's health records
  • Provide Notice of Privacy Practices (NOPP)
  • Collect Third Party Insurance information
  • Correct discrepancies between CHCS and DEERS
Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.