Getting Care

Appointments & Referrals

Active duty personnel stationed at Fort Gordon are assigned to a Primary Care Manager (PCM) where you are required to get all of your medical care. Any care that your PCM can’t provide (other than emergency care) requires a referral; this includes urgent care. To schedule appointments: 

  • Call Eisenhower's central appointments line 706-787-7300 or use the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal.  (The MHS GENESIS Patient Portal is only available to those enrolled to an MTF)
  • If you’re unable to go to your PCM or military hospital or clinic, you’ll need a referral or prior authorization to seek outside care with a network provider. An example may be an emergency or when your military hospital or clinic is closed.
  • If you’re on leave away from your duty station and you need routine or urgent care:
    • You must still have a referral from your PCM.
    • If after hours, call the Nurse Advice Line at 1-800-TRICARE (874-2273)
      • You must call your PCM the next duty day to inform him/her of care you received


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