Requirements for HPSP and Other Military Students

Step 1. Before You Come:

   Non-ADT Status (Civilian): An affiliation agreement must be in place between DDEAMC and your school. Many schools are already affiliated, but the GME office may ask  you to provide information on the relevant school contact individual if it is necessary to do this.

    a. Rotation Request: Complete the Rotation Request Personnel Information Form and send to the GME office point of contact so that we have the information readily available to make arrangements for your rotation

    b. ADT Status: Request Orders for your rotation dates from the HPSP Student Management Office on-line at

Non-ADT Status (Civilian): An affiliation agreement must be in place between DDEAMC and your school. Many schools are already affiliated, but the GME office may ask  you to provide information on the relevant school contact individual if it is necessary to do thi

    c. Obtain a CAC Card if you do not already have one

    d. Arrange for Lodging: Due to privatization of hotels on Army installations, in order to lodge on Fort Eisenhower you must reserve your own lodging and guarantee it with a credit card. To make a reservation, search on the internet for IHG Hotel Fort Eisenhower, or go to and select Fort Eisenhower. The telephone number is 1-877-711-8326. If you will not have a vehicle, request lodging in Griffith Hall which is within walking distance of the hospital. If you are on ADT orders, select “Official” status and “TDY” - you must pay the hotel bill and then request reimbursement on your travel claim at the end of your ADT rotation

    e. Occupational Health Requirements: Complete the DDEAMC Immunization Form and email it to our GME office military student coordinator for review by the Occupational Health Section. Please obtain required immunizations before arrival here. (If you are on active duty orders, you can be immunized at EAMC but this may delay start of clinical work)

    f. HIPAA Certification: Trainees must show annual certification of DoD HIPAA training. You must submit certificate in advance prior to beginning your rotation.

    g. Information Awareness Training Certification: To use the Local Access Network (LAN), you must show current certification of training in DoD Cyber Awareness (the certificate must be Department of the Army certificate - DA Form 87).

    h. Acceptable Use Policy: As part of the Local Access Network (LAN) use authorization, you will have to sign the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) located at DoD Cyber Awareness site

    i. Army Knowledge Online (AKO) Account: All rotators must have an active AKO account. This account is used when setting up LAN access.

NOTE:  Documents containing personal identifiable information (PII) can be submitted via AMRDEC Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE) at  recipient of documents will be .


Step 2. Reporting In:

    a. Where/When?: Please report at 0800 on the first Monday of your rotation to the Graduate Medical Education Office, Room 4B02 (4th floor), unless other arrangements are previously agreed. If you are doing a Family Medicine rotation, report first to the Family Medicine Clinic, 2nd floor, at 0730. The required in-processing procedures may take a good part of the day to complete. If the Monday is a Federal Holiday, you should report on the Tuesday morning.

    b. Uniform and Scrubs: Personnel on ADT orders will wear the Army Combat Uniform (ACU). HPSP students in civilian status are not permitted to wear a military uniform while at EAMC; in this case, please wear your school’s white coat and appropriate business attire. For interviewing, the Army Service Uniform (ASU) is recommended. Please bring your own scrubs if you have them - scrubs are only made available for those rotating in the scrub environment which is usually the Operating Room (surgical services).

    c. Evaluations: If your school has not set up electronic evaluations with us and requires a written evaluation of your rotation performance, please bring the evaluation forms with you or ask your school to mail or email them to our GME office military student coordinator.

    d. Driving on Fort Eisenhower: Trainees need a Department of Defense identification to enter Fort Eisenhower. Authorized parking at Eisenhower is the staff parking lot, located on the flag pole side (4th floor) of the building. Cell phone use while driving is strictly prohibited on post. If driving outside of Fort Eisenhower you should register your CAC at Darling Hall or the Gate 1 Visitor’s Center to enable automatic entry.


Step 3After the ADT Rotation:

   a. AHRC Form 3924 (Individual Active Duty Certificate of Performance). The GME student coordinator will complete this form and give it to you for submission to the Student Management Office and with your travel claim.

    b. MEDCOM Form 672 (U.S. Army Health Professions Scholarship & ROTC Student Performance Evaluation). Students are required to review this evaluation prior to departing the ADT site. Students should obtain a copy of the evaluation prior to departing site.

    c. Travel Voucher (DD Form 1351-2): The GME military student coordinator will assist you in completing your travel claim documentation before you depart.

Office of Graduate Medical Education Contacts:

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